Aerodrome Quarry

Hatfield Aerodrome has been identified in the Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan as having potential for sand and gravel extraction since 2007.

Hatfield Aerodrome Quarry

Hatfield Aerodrome has been identified in the Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan as having potential for sand and gravel extraction since 2007.


The site for the proposed quarry is approximately 87 hectares in area and was formerly the southern half of Hatfield Aerodrome which closed in 1994. It lies north of the A1057 (Hatfield Road which runs between St Albans and Hatfield). To the west of the site is a garden centre, nursery and residential properties of Smallford, whilst to the east is the edge of Hatfield itself (University of Hertfordshire and residential areas).

The application site comprises a broadly rectangular area of land that is partly used as an informal public open space for recreation and partly for grazing – it has not had any formal or dominant land use since the closure of the aerodrome.

Local geology

Beneath the surface are glacial deposits of sands and gravels which are ideal for use in building. For this reason the site is allocated within the Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan which was ‘adopted’ in March 2007.
The mineral which we propose to quarry is deposited in two separate ‘horizons’ beneath the soil layers – the Upper Mineral Horizon (UMH) which lies predominantly above the water table, and the Lower Mineral Horizon (LMH) beneath the water table. The two mineral horizons are separated by a seam of impermeable boulder clay (referred to as ‘interburden’).

Illustration of geological layers beneath the Hatfield Aerodrome site (not to scale)

Current Landscape

Based on the ecological assessment, the vast majority of the site comprises various types of grassland, which is dominated by unmanaged neutral grassland, but also includes species-poor mown grassland, grazed neutral grassland. There are a few isolated trees, some remnants of pre-aerodrome hedgerow and newer dense scrub with areas of more recent planting. In addition the site includes a number of small waterbodies, watercourses and drainage ditches, and is scattered with patches of recently disturbed bare ground and hard-standing areas.

A number of earth works are present on site, primarily from decades of activity on the aerodrome. A public footpath is routed in the area of the western boundary of the proposed application site and other permissive footpaths cross the site. The site can be accessed on foot from Hatfield Road, Coopers Green Lane and Albatross Way.

View of the site

Previous Application

Despite its allocation in the Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan (in 2007) and an initial resolution to approve (in January 2017), the planning application was subsequently refused by the Hertfordshire County Council Planning Committee at its meeting on 24 September 2020, despite officer’s recommendation to approve it, with the decision notice issued on 6 January 2021.

Making a fresh application means we are able to review the environmental assessments in light of the latest available information and update the studies where appropriate.

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